Saturday, March 21, 2009

Battlestar Galactica and parting ways with something you love

I watched the final episode of the "re-imagined" BATTLESTAR GALACTICA tonight. It aired last night, but I had kids and was otherwise pre-occupied. So, I waited for them to go to bed tonight and sat down to watch the show. Now, know this.....I've been a sci-fi geek since I read my first Isaac Asimov book back in the mid-70's. I probably read 50 Asimov books before the 70's were over, along with everything (or everything I could get my hands on) by Bradbury, Ellison, Arthur C. Clarke....etc. Suffice it to say, I was a sci-fi nerd. I enjoyed the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series as a teenager - GUN ON ICE PLANET ZERO being a personal fav - and when they advertised a new series, I was like a teenager again. Don't get me wrong, though. The 00 series is waaaayyyy different than the 70's series. Lots of mirrored political intrigue occurred on the new series. Lots of hard questions were asked in a sci-fi context, and that really jazzed me. I'd grown as a human being since the original series and the new one was tailor-made for me as an adult. I loved it from the moment I watched the pilot episode. Sure, over the course of the ensuing four years I would have written things differently, but last night's finale was icing on a very tasty cake, indeed. The show did not end with a whimper (as another favorite series, THE X-FILES, did). It went out with style and grace. Questions were answered correctly, and the spirituality of the series was held dear. When Kara Thrace departed the series for good, it sent a shiver through me. I doubt I'm the only regular view that happened to. I had suspected they might throw in some half-assed curve ball about her resurrection, but they didn't. The resolution they gave was dead-on perfect for what she had done.

All in all, if you missed the last 4 years of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, you missed some of the finest television you'll ever see.

Thank God it's all out there on DVD.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Illinois Weather

It's been a while since I posted, so I figured I'd catch people up on what's been going on. Since my last post, I've had strep throat, a sinus infection and, now, a cold that simply won't go away. It always happens to me when the weather shifts so drastically. It was below 30 degrees two mornings ago. It's probably close to 60 out right now. That plays havoc on my middle-aged body. I came home from work yesterday at 10, slept till 3, ate, went back to bed, slept till 5, got up and watched some tv, went to bed at 8 and woke up this morning at 7. Still tired as heck. I'll survive, I guess, but I wish the weather wouldn't change so much so quickly. Guess I need to move to the Florida keys or something. Then, all I have to worry about is hurricanes.

Anyway, DEVLIN'S DESCENT is well under way. Chapter 6 will be posted on Sunday over at website. Trying to give the place a little traffic. I know several people are following the book right now. I haven't advertised it much because I wanted to get a few chapters up first. I actually started printing MURDER AT PK'S, too. About a third of the way done with the printing, I guess. It's overdue, but that's the way I roll, I guess. Better late than never.

Hope everyone is well. My head hurts.