Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's been a while

Well, where to begin? It's been almost a month since I last posted to this blog. In that time, several things have happened. I went back to being a printer. While I loved working with people in the SIU community as the Assistant Superintendent of Printing, there were aspects of my job that I simply couldn't tolerate any longer. Sometimes, you just have to say "enough already" and walk away. Or, as William S. Burroughs put it, "Don't humor the mentally ill...tell them firmly...I'm not here to listen to this drivel." I supposed that's what I've done....but it cost me financially. I've been back in the pressroom almost a week now and, trust me, gentle readers, it's the smartest thing I've done in three years. Part of me says it's BS that that I had to make that decision, but that's the way life goes. With luck, karma will prevail.

I've been writing an online novel for three months now. Go check out DEVLIN'S DESCENT over at I'm very happy with the way the book is turning out. I wanted to experiment around a lot and this book gives me the opportunity to do so. With concepts like nano-sperm and aborted fetuses being brought back to life by the miracle of technology, it's an interesting tale. I just entered the realm of the novel, too, with approximately 43,000 words so far.

Still looking for the woman of my dreams (and not my screams). Time will take care of that, too, I hope.

My best to all of you. Roger

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darrien is 7 today

My son, Darrien, turns 7 today. It seems like yesterday I saw my favorite little man pop into the world. Now, I don't know how I lived without him. Sure, I wish he'd sleep in on the weekends, but there's something quite special about that cheerful disposition in the morning. So, if you see my wee man today, tell him "Happy Birthday...and that his Daddy loves him."