Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SAD IRON MEAT is coming soon

It's a strange world, my friends. More on that in a moment.

I've been fairly productive this year, fiction-wise. I wrote an online novel, DEVLIN'S DESCENT (available for free online at ) that I'm fairly proud of. It was an experiment to see how far I could go with a few concepts. It also (I hope) helped finally purge my heart of a few things that have troubled me these past three years. Time will tell on that one. Anyway, DEVLIN'S DESCENT was finished back in late July, just short of my 48th birthday (yeah, I feel old). Anyway, after DEVLIN'S DESCENT, I sat around and pondered what I would do next. I've been toying around with the idea of doing a movie, but time and finances have been prohibitive. I still have the script to THE BIG MUDDY MONSTER, but put it on a back burner time finances aren't so tight and I can do it right. Yeah, I'm a poet. So, I decided I'd do a silly little movie called SAMURAI ROBOTS FROM HELL. We are scheduled to shoot the movie this weekend. It'll be a bunch of friends acting like idiots. It ought to be awesome fun. I'll post the trailer (which Brad Moore and I discussed last night) on here. You'll want to buy five copies for your mother, I'm sure.

I had so much fun and creative liberties with DEVLIN'S DESCENT that I thought I'd write another online novel. This one, SUCKERS, is a redneck vampire novel. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek; but, I think, you'll enjoy it. Chapter one is already posted over at and chapter two will follow as soon as I proofread it.

I also started work on the sort-of sequel to MURDER AT PK'S. UNDER THE BOARDWALK is set in Makanda, Illinois and starts out just after Woodstock during The Summer of Love. It's a grisly murder novel that, I think, will put MURDER AT PK'S to shame in the graphic murder department. I've written a couple thousand words on that so far.

Now, to the "it's a strange life" department. Love is a weird thing, my friends. I thought when I was young that, by the time I was the age I am now, I would understand things. Trust me, I don't. Shakespeare said it correctly when he wrote: "There are more things on Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies." Well, I wholeheartedly agree. Hope springs eternal, my friends. If you care for someone, don't let them slip away.

As a final comment, the artwork gracing this post is for a comic book called SAD IRON MEAT. I worked on this comic with artist Brad Moore and Steve Woolridge (amongst others) and my story, "Sad Iron Meat", will be featured in issue #1. It will be available for sell at Vulturefest in Makanda On Oct. 17 (knocking on wood right now)

Hope everyone is well (with the exclusion of those who read my words with off, would ya?)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Matinee and where does the time/money go?

Once again, it's been a while since I posted a blog. I've been trying to make by blog entries a bit more generic, considering the fact that there are some serious idiots reading my blog these days. If you don't like it here, move on, would ya? As the old saying goes: "Say what you want. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." So, idiots, you don't matter, okay? Yeah, up yours, too!

Anyway, I broke down and cleaned out my basement the other day. I've been seriously lax in that regard (I haven't cleaned down there in at least three years). Three trash cans full of dirt and trash so far (with at least another three in the near future). I uncovered the pool table and the kids have been playing pool. I moved the television over by the computer and it's actually a pretty cool rec room these days. I'm looking for a cheap (aka free) couch or futon to compliment the seating arrangements. After that, starting in October (or whenever the weather gets too cold outside), I plan on doing a Saturday afternoon double-feature in the basement. I've got a buttload of old sci-fi and horror movies that I can screen and, if I run out, my buddy Brad has a stash of his own. So, we'll enjoy the winter months in style. You folks that aren't idiots are more than cordially invited to come over and watch.

Hope everyone is well (except the idiots, of course). Take care, Roger